Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Pumkin heads

With Halloween near and pumpkins not too expensive, there is little reason to not make crafts out of them, since this is a flat-full of art students. Belows are some sketches we did.

(Of course Ponyo and The Owl are our design)

We carved 2, 1 on each night. Snowy is born on the 25th

while Baby Jiang Shi (Chinese Vampire) come about on the 26th

We think they should meet each other.

And they soon become fast friends.

After all, being a lone pumpkin is not as fun as 2.

We actually find taking pictures of them and their reflections and shadows more enjoyable than carving them and ends up spent more time snapping away.

After spending some time together, Baby Shi and Snowy decides to couple up and become the pumpkin bunny!

As time progresses, they grow even closer - behold the Super Pumpkin Bunny!

And they get so high, inevitably rocketing up into the black night sky!

Snowy had began to shrivel today after yesterday's blazing glorious night. I have plenty of doubts that they'll survive till Halloween's night.

Anyway, here is a short animation of Pumpkin story in Cartoon Brew,
The Pumpkin of Nyefar by Tod Polson and Mark Oftedal

And then there is Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book which I find immensely enjoyable. Now, here are some ghosts and haunting things you won't mind meeting if they'll befriend you.


With autumn rain and chilly winds, there is nothing like being licked by a stranger's big white fluffy spitz on a crowded old train. A dog's hot breath and soft gentle tongue caressing your skin makes the most miserable storm feels like a sunny breeze!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Autumn in Bath

Date of trip: 11 Oct

The days here are those of intermittent sunshine and rain and sometimes when we are really blessed, the persistent puddle of rainwater on the car park's upper floor outside my window would dry completely.

On one such cloudless day, we decided to head over to Bath. The ancient city looks significantly different under a cerulean sky. After having a hearty meal in a Thai Restaurant recommended by my flatmates, we hopped over to a traditional candy shop.

The interior of the shop is cozy and compact. The shelf with rolls after rolls of containers appear remarkably like those in a Chinese medicine store. But here, colorful candies that taste as good as they look take the place of bitter remedies.

Out on the Avon River, swans feed gracefully as their adolescent broods which have yet to attain their pure white plumage swam nearby, looking expectantly at the visitors for food.

The ducks that congregate around the pond up in Universtiy of Bath were even more aggressive when it came to food begging. Should you give a scrap to one quacker, they will soon surround you on every side.

The real beauty of autumn was of course the leafs. It would not be an exaggeration to say that autumn might in fact be more colorful than spring, if in a limited hue.

A tree may sport colors ranging from bright yellow to emerald green and burning red.

I find the burnish gold on pure blue a wonderful combination too!

The last leaf of the branch, fluttering in the afternoon breeze like a candle flame.

Even the crawlers on concrete walls are reacting to the seasons by setting itself aflame.

After our quiet stroll through a poetic wood, we find some little wonders in civilization too - a shop that sells everyday objects in a creatively rendered form. Umbrellas that look like women, leather handbags that look like watering cans, scissors in the form of a duck are only some of the ingeniously designed practical craft works.

I was also happy to see one of King Bladud's pigs in the guildhall market. I highly doubt I can make it there to see them off this coming weekend with the West Bristol Arts Trail coming up. I shall have content myself with seeing just one.

May the seasons continue to be kind.