Saturday, 27 September 2008

Slug and berries

Pink berries on green and blue, a natural lesson on color combination.

Note the tiger strips beneath the English slug's underside. Who would have thought this slithering little beast bears the mark of one so majestic.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Of Squirrels at Summer's End

Summer draws to an end. Even a few weeks back, I can see some trees beginning to don their scarlet shroud. With temperature dropping and the rain becoming more frequent and persistent, we are at autumn's doorsteps.

I will start the last series on this summer here (along with the family visit), by introducing the scurrying rodents on Brandon Hill. I don't suppose I will be seeing much of them when winter comes. (Wikisays they don't hibernate, but that doesn't mean they have to be out and active either.)

These endearing critters are everywhere, foraging on the grassy fields under the impenetrable canopy around Cabot's Tower. I manage to capture these pictures while my parents were busy bribing them with freshly bought wheatgerm bread.

Not all squirrels are connoisseurs of bread though, some would not even touch it, preferring nuts instead.

Those who does enjoy the crumbs will have to be quick before flocks of pesky pigeons peck the ground clean.

I do hope to see the native great red squirrels someday. But thanks to these adaptable eastern gray acrobats displacing them in Britain, that will not be easy.

The 2 legged cousins of the chimp had certainly been treating them well, no doubt they will fare much better than the tail of this one.

While I make a terrible botanist, my parents have great eyes for these fragile beauties.

Unlike the rodents, the days of these are numbered. Even though the grass here is evergreen, not many flowers will bloom in winter's chill.

In time, the green barrier that makes walking to campus like passing into Faerie will fade and one will be able to see each side of the railway on that soggy country road.

Welcoming autumn and a new academic year, maybe it isn't far to look forward to Christmas as well.

May the days continue to be kind. As summer have its share of dreadful rainy days, so winter must hold some lovely sunny ones as well!